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The Team

The Creator

Céline Ripert

Product Manager

Fiona Tiberi

Her Career

Céline Ripert has worked in the Perfume industry in the Grasse region for the last 20 years. She still works as a Perfumer for a major Perfume company, as it is impossible for her to leave a job which she does through sheer passion. Céline feels privileged to be able to reach out and touch her dream and she knows that she still has many things to experience in her company.

Niche Perfumery : a passion

She became fascinated by Niche Perfumery after being lucky enough to take part in many projects, both for the French and Italian markets. Céline is passionate about natural raw materials, many of which come from the Grasse region, such as white flowers, for example tuberose, jasmine, orange blossom and May rose. She also draws inspiration from other raw materials, such as wood, amber and spice.

Fragrances with materials

She strives to ensure that her perfumes boast this material effect, which makes them rich, deep and almost mysterious. What is important for her is to OFFER THE STUFF OF DREAMS

Perfumery : a family transmission

Born in Provence, in the land of a thousand fragrances, Fiona grew up among the plantations of raw materials used in perfumery, such as jasmine, broom, lavender and rose; which her grandparents and great grandparents picked for the surrounding factories. Thanks to a father who was deeply committed to his job, she discovered the tools and manufacturing processes indispensable for the creation of essential oils, concretes and absolutes. The world of perfumery is so attractive and magical that we never stop learning…

Her Career

It was after a number of experiences and trips that, thanks to Céline, Fiona discovered the captivating perfumery sector. A year spent in Ireland gave her a broader outlook, a degree in languages allowed her to specialise in English and Spanish, and time spent at University in Andalusia and International Business studies, helped forged her profile.

Her passion for the niche perfumery

As a fan of all that is beautiful, niche perfumery is a mysterious universe which Fiona hopes to continue to explore with great care

The olfactory models

All those who wore the perfumes during their development,
collecting impressions and remarks around them.


Nana M Perfume

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NANA.M Parfums is a French brand of confidential Eaux de Parfum, with strong olfactory signature, made in Grasse. Those perfumes are elaborate around beautiful raw materials and the bottle are hand-made by an artisan glass blower from Biot. NANA.M Parfums is simply rare parfumery in an unique bottle. Come to dream with us…

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